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Thread: For Sale: Butler Curtain Controller (CM80)

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    Default For Sale: Butler Curtain Controller (CM80)

    Retrofit 'Addamotor' CM80 Curtain Motor.

    I have two of these, one used and one brand new. You'll need your own power supply but its a bog standard 12v unregulated wall wart.

    Used: 25.00
    New: 40.00

    Reviewed here:

    Sold here:



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    I'd be interested in them if your willing to do the pair of them for 55 + a couple of quid postage. It would be next friday before I can paypal you the cash, I just splashed out on another dimmer pack, so my wages are gone for this week

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    If it doesn't work out with Gangsta I will take them both and can deal straight away.


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