By SwitchDIY

You can have your home automation system perform and combine about many tasks you want, provided it is comprehensive enough and you will feel exciting to program it. You also need some creativity yourself, as well as some practicality and restraint—as in, what don’t you need the system to do?

So ask yourself, what types of streamlined and quick-trigger tasks would you like to have done at the touch of a button or automatically each day to make your life easier? Here are four common applications with SwitchDIY system

By this we’re talking something different, and much more robust, than adding favorite channels to a universal remote control. The iHouse remote control can get the whole house under control which is based on Z-wave technology, mesh network and two-way communication make your intelligent house more steable, at least 100 feets working distance and 45 codes expand your living room, 8 scenarios and one button control easy your life.

Lighting + Shutter.
SwitchDIY brings you great experience with lighting control, iPlug and iPlug Dim offer you the most convenience control so far in the market, no installation, no software, just plug in the socket, wireless control are achieved, iModule could be installed in the normal Switch Box, which looks more simple style. Lighting control and Shutter control could be associated to make it more easy. dream life start here.

Energy +Climate.
SwitchDIY not only makes your house intelligent and easy under control, meanwhile, it helps you saving money, your house will be more green and energy-efficient. iDim and iDim Plus give you excellent feeling on luminance control, iRadiator helps you to have a sense on the Energy Consumption in you house, the detailed statistics are showing on your computer or your cell phone and the system will give you a suggestion about how to reduce the power consumption. iHumidity Sensor, iTemperature Sensor and iThermostat associated with the iRadiator, together to work out a optimal living condition for you.

SwitchDIY pay big effort on building a functional and easy-operational security system, iDoor Contact(iWindow Contact) associated with iAlarm, iSensor associated with iAlarm to offer you a strong defence line. iWiFi Camera, and iGate(Gateway) ensure you can master your house even when you are in business trip in the other end of the earth.