Hi all,

We've just moved into a house and I want to do improve the heating control system. There are 4 bedrooms, lounge/dining room and kitchen/breakfast room. Each room has 1 or more radiators and none have TRV. Most of the bedrooms radiators are turned off as they aren't used.

There is a single thermostat (analogue dial) in the downstairs hall, and a hot water/heating controller near the boiler. This controller has 2 on/off times and the heating can be set to turn on and off for each, or start at the first on and remain until the 2nd off. The hot water is exactly the same (the same on/off times apply to both water and heating).

I would like to be able to set the temperatures for each room independantly and have identified a couple of systems which can offer this. I would also like to be able to monitor and graph the temperatures of each room from my Linux PC (which is on 24/7).

The best looking system I have found to offer this is Heatmiser (http://www.heatmisershop.co.uk) however this would require running cables from the central wiring box to every single radiator for their in-line wax valve - not a practical option.

The next best system is the FHT 80B-II and 8W components from conrad-uk (and a CC1101 USB module from http://shop.busware.de/product_info.php?products_id=29). I think this is the same as the househeat system?

Does anyone have any suggestions of recommendations?