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Thread: ActiveHome Pro - intermittent problems

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    Default ActiveHome Pro - intermittent problems

    I have one of the new ActiveHome Pro units (CM15A) and have found three problems so far, two of which are major.

    First, when I turn my computer on, a "B-1 ON" signal is transmitted during the POST operation even before the system has started to boot. "B" is my monitored house code.

    Next, after that, no sensors or other remotes are recognized until I unplug the unit and leave it unplugged for several minutes before plugging it in again.

    After that, there is usually a delay of up to several seconds before a received signal is transmitted to the power line.

    Finally, the Find Other Computers is showing several other housecodes in use in addition to the three I use. I have checked all the neighbors and none are using any X-10 devices.

    I have reported this to X-10 but haven't gotten any response yet.

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    Default Re: ActiveHome Pro - intermittent problems

    First, if nobody else is using X-10 in your neighborhood, you should use a different house code than "B". This would probably cure the boot issue.

    I, too, found many codes that ActiveHome told me to "avoid" when I search for "other computers" I simply unplugged my CM15a from the Wall Socket (not via USB cable) and plugged it back in. Immediately and ever since, only my house/unit codes are listed.

    Be patient with the CM15A when you plug it back in. Upon plugging the unit into the wall, open ActiveHomePro and download macros & timers again. This can sometimes "kick start" the unit if it is not receiving commands.

    I have experienced "delays" in commands quite a bit, but have learned that this could be due to line noise or other interference. I have wireless keyboard, mouse, LAN and other equipment that may cause minor interference.

    I have also had to exchange certain remotes. The x-10 remotes, especially the wall switch keypads, don't work well. The palm contoller is best.

    I don't know if this helps at all, but I hope all works out well for you and your system. I have been using X-10 for 20 years, and have found it to be a fairly reliable and lesser expensive way to automate my home.

    Mark Harmon

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    Default Re: ActiveHome Pro - intermittent problems

    Thanks for response, Mark,

    Further testing showed that it wasn't just the B code that exhibited the condition. It was any code I used at that location (my bedroom TV).

    I believe I have some very wierd gremlins running around my electrical system in this house (;-)

    I have a line bridge at the circuit breaker panel to assist in getting signals to the other side of the house circuit, and I often notice the error light flashing intermittently when I am down there. So it is sensing something erratic that it doesn't understand.

    Another recent condition is where receivers are getting hung up for no apparent reason. I have disconnected the CM15A for a while, and have an RR501 in the bedroom on house code B. (I actually have tried another RR501 and one of the smaller receivers as well). Everything works fine for some varying amount of time, and then suddenly nothing is received. "line powered" controllers still work fine on those devices, so it's not the devices themselves that are failing.

    If I unplug the RF receiver for some extended period of time, a half day or so, and switch to one of the others, everything is OK. Later, after the original has been unplugged long enough, I can swap it back in and it is OK, too.

    Recently, I've noticed that the last unit code in that group that I use will no longer respond to RF signals. Again wired controllers are OK. This is true both with the older style wall switch (like you mentioned), palm pad controllers and key chain ones; all operated withing a few feet of the receiver.

    The other three unit codes used on that house code continue to work OK (well most of the time). If any higher codes fail, the fourth one will, too.

    This is self correcting after a varying amount of time, with no intervention by me; I can't vouch for the gremlins (;-).

    I've even disconnect the bridge as the panel box to see if it's generating some kind of spurious signal that's causing this. No change.

    I'm going to try leaving the CM15A on by itself in recording mode and see what the log shows. It has shown some strange sequences before that have me puzzled.

    BTW, only one neighbor within a half block admits to having any X-10 equipment, and he only used it briefly during the holiday season to control his lights, on a non-sompeting house code.

    I think it will boil down to a very dirty power line because we also go through light bulbs, even long life and fluorescent ones, at a rapid rate.

    Thanks again,

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