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    Default Newbie Saying Hello

    I hope I am in the right place....
    Since I have registered I thought it be impolite not to say hello .

    Very much a newbie in HA and I came across this forum by accident through alert me .
    My wife gonna hate you lot but this forum on HA made me want my whole house automated

    Still to finish of reading all the blogs was reading till 1 am ..eek was tired getting up for work this morning.

    Not had a really good look on this forum but I seem to get the impression that most have bought houses so therefore have no problems doing it how you wanted.

    What about people who live in rented or housing/council houses like me in UK, I am lucky enough to be moving into a solar panel 3 bedroom house in 2 weeks time.
    House I am in now I have never done anything as we had no intention of staying when we first moved here previous occupants cut Ariel lead in few pieces .
    I sort of can understand why they did this as it a new Ariel and they thought of them paid for it for my use. And really botch up DIY around the house which I got it corrected but thatís another story.

    What I really like to ask is there off shelf products I can do wirelessly , my aim is security and saving energy and server will be in the living room canít think of any places and putting server in Loft catching fire worrys me .
    I am deaf so noise is not an issue however I have built Mtyhtv all in one ( did all my best to make it quiet as possible) and my wife said noise does not bother her, We used to have a pc in living room as well as mythtv .

    Seem like alert me is the only option but I thought id ask in here anyway.

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    Welcome fgaughan !

    Wireless sounds like the way to go for you as you say. AlertMe is a good choice. You might want to look at Z-Wave and the wireless side of X10 for lighting control and other automation tasks...


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    Were you looking at wireless products to avoid re-wiring your house? If so then X10 plug-in modules might be the answer. I guess it depends on the scale and sophistication that you're after. X10 works by sending control signals over normal mains wiring so you could send a signal from one part of the house and have it received in another.

    X10 is not infallable but I've found my setup to be pretty reliable.

    Some general info here; (especially the first two pictures / diagrams - ignore that it is American, it is the same principle just different modules)



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    Welcome fgaughan.

    Hope the move went OK. I went the X10 route and although I had a lot of teathing problems the system is now very stable.
    You need to look at the wiring of your new house to see if you have a nuetral wire at the switch. I was lucky with my new house as the whole house was wired with nuetral to every switch. This means that appliance modules can be installed and you are able to use low energy bulbs and save money.
    The live-only modules bleed a small amount of voltage and don't work with low energy bulbs.

    Let us know how you get on with the new house.


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