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Thread: Is there a need for Bacnet Gatway and/or OPC Server

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    Default Is there a need for Bacnet Gatway and/or OPC Server

    I run a company that installs C-Bus in Greece 5 years now.
    The problem that we have to confront, and becomes bigger as time passes, is the integration with the HVAC installation. New HVAC installations have a lot of temperature and humidity sensors, plenty of control zones, and a pump room really nightmare for humble systems like C-Bus.
    The best solution is to install a BMS system and integrate it to C-Bus. For this purpose Bacnet Gateway and OPC Server and offered from Clipsal but are not available for UK.

    So, I was wondering if there is someone else than me that would be interested for these systems. My company would use probably 1 or 2 of these per year....

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    Yes, a CBus BACNet gateway would be very useful!

    I install and maintain mainly Trend BMS who have fairly recently released a BACNet integration controller.

    Trend have also integrated the Tridium server with their 963 supervisor so there are two ways of utilising BACNet, depending on the system requirements.

    HVAC and lighting control is offered by some suppliers but because of the traditional contractual division in installations (BMS controls come under the mechanical contract whilst lighting comes under the electrical contract), in the UK, jobs where HVAC and lighting are integrated are few and far between.

    However, as clients become ever more energy aware, I can see this becoming far more popular with end clients requiring this level of control/integration in new builds and refirbs.

    Initially, numbers are likely to be limited but as we learn the technology and pull the clients along, I could see us using 4 - 6 BACNet/CBus units per annum.

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