Ok , here is the back ground ,
had a new boiler fitted glowworm 18kw condensing, runs heating and hot water, which means i have 2 electronic valves,
now then i have a honeywell room thermostat which has 3 wires, yellow blue brown.
i want to fit a digital bog standard tempreture thermostat if ther is such a thing,
when every thing is turned on , but there is no call for heating or hot water, there is no power to any of the 3 wires, but if you then turn on the hot water and heating at the main honeywell program timer, which runs they system, there is power to all 3 wires.

Any thoughts on what the thermostat i have now is.

any ideas on what i could replace it with .

And any ideas as to why there is power to all 3 wires

But when the wires are connected to the existing thermostat as follows it runs the system with no problems.

yellow to =2
blue to = 3
brown to = 4