In my new flat I have a skylight that runs from the roof to ceiling and at ceiling level there is some corrugated plastic sheeting. It doesn't look too attractive at the minute but I have an idea on how to improve it and at the same time add some new geeky stuff.

What I had in mind was to replace the corrugated plastic with a translucent frosted sheet of glass and above it install some RGB LED lighting in the void. I have a CC128 current cost meter that I was hoping to somehow have Cortex interpret and utilise to control the lighting colour in the void. e.g. green for low consumption, red for high.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to achieve this? I'm not familiar with colour changing LEDs but I understand that some can be controlled by a 0-10v output from an Idratek 0-10V analogue output module? I presume there would need to be a new object for this scenario within Cortex?