Hi 'Steelercaz'

Welcome out of the shadows...

To use the xAP Joggler app you will need to have the devices that you need to control or monitor talking xAP already. xAP conduits, applications and devices exist for many technologies including in your case X10 but not Alert Me.

I have looked at Alert Me many times and studied their developer API but it is fundamentally lacking in terms of realtime integration with other home automation setups. I haven't checked recently but I haven't heard it's changed either. The ZigBee is closed/proprietory - as are most implementations - but the bigger problem is there is no way of getting realtime information out of the system - for example when devices turn on or off.

This is because Alert Me require you to access the system via their (chargeable) servers and not directly. So you need permanent Internet connectivity and you have to constantly poll their servers to see if anything has changed state, which is totally unsatisfactory. They also implement a lockout period to avoid you doing this excessively.

So whilst certainly appealing as a contained system it didn't suit me at all and doesn't lend itself to xAP control which is purposed for inter device/system interactions.

I do use some ZigBee modules (Plugwise) that offer appliance switching and power consumption measurement/logging and although these have similar issues (proprietory ZigBee implementation and poll status) they are useable directly on your network via a http API. There has been quite sucessful work done to reverse engineer the protocol too. Because there is a HomeSeer plugin , and also a xAP plugin for same then the Plugwise adaptors become xAP.. and hence Joggler controllable.