I have been playing with a touchscreen application that allows xAP (BSC) control from the O2 Joggler , currently amazing value as they're on offer until the end of May at 50 with free delivery .


I don't know Flash at all so I'm still finding my feet here but I have got all the xAP bits working , connecting via the xAP router applications running on a Windows PC. The xAP router handles logon/security and access privileges for multiple concurrent clients as well as xAP message filtering to offload such needs from the Jogglers. The router is necessary to work within the Flash security policy model and Flash's UDP restrictions. The xAP control application launches from within the existing Joggler interface so minimal chnages required on the Joggler - just basically a way to upload an application onto it.

One thing I must stress is that at the moment the Flash code is customised for my own system and I need to explore how I can make this more useful to everyone else. You could use the code and recompile it if you own Flash already (or something that compiles Flash CS4 / AS3 content) but obviously that's rather restrictive.

Also I'm not intending spending huge amounts of time on the interface and graphics, I'm not graphically gifted and so everything takes me forever and still looks poor . What I hope to do is provide the code examples for xAP and a basic interface then each user can develop their own graphics and device interactions as they desire. Hopefully someone with Flash experience might pop up and contribute their help here.

There's a few threads around in various target forums so I'm going to make an effort to pull them all into one place...here, as this seems as good a place as any. So below are a few links to existing threads and then I'll continue here as the main xAP Joggler thread.

Cheers Kevin