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    Default Smart meters ...

    some interesting points raised here :

    security- & other-wise ... that might have wider implications (HA-system, etc) ...


    "every home in Britain is expected to be equipped with a smart meter by 2020 and the Information Commissioner's Office warned privacy must not be compromised ... each home would get a new smart gas meter and a new electricity meter ... one is the host meter, that will communicate with the customer and the supplier ...

    various security concerns have been raised ... the amount of personal data held on the devices ... [and] ... it could make clear the exact times householders tend to leave their home, or when they sleep, by looking at their energy usage ...

    a link-up with Google, that would allow people to check ... energy usage via the internet & mobile phone ...

    encrypted, but ...

    no requirement for a screen on each smart meter ... big energy companies have said that they will offer the option of a digital display ... "
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