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    Default New Internet Based Home Automation Service

    Whzan is a new internet based service for monitoring (and setting) data from many devices, production processes and software applications. It is easy to use and economical to run even for large sets of data. It sits on an internet cloud and can extend almost infinitely.

    It presents data in near real time. You can view (and set) any data, be it from your home lights, a PLC, your office IT network or your company’s production process via a browser window.

    You can depict the data as graphics and animations that you can draw with our online graphics tool or use some of the existing template graphics that we provide already.

    For home automation users, we have a free X10 interface to download for a Windows PC with an internet connection. You can switch and observe your X10 systems – that can be your garden lights, swimming pool heating or your house boiler - from almost any browser anywhere.

    The service is in Beta, free to use and we are looking for both end users and automation companies to try the service. Our development team is ready to create further animations, system links and support your installations. Alternatively, add your own software links either publically or privately to make use of this most user-friendly of services.

    Contact us for more information and visit us at we welcome feedback and encourage active participation in future developments.
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