thank you for the new source of information and switches i like the x10 2nd gen stuff and its a lot cheaper ;o)

i have got around my dimming problem, I'm going to use a appliance module like you with normal wall switched for override (and coz they look cool) then I'm going to have 2 lamps on the wall using the dimmer modules and in the bedroom, so they can handle dimming and i don't need the manual switch, and the main light will be on remote.

macro programmed. main lights off and lamps on at 50% wha la

i pretty much have a system decided upon now, so ill do a big post with everything over the next few days with links to see what you all think and weather it will all work together.

i just want to be able to control it with my iphone/ipad as it will be cool ;o) yeah im fickle but there ya go

basically homeseer, touch screen with desk top, and the modules