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    X10 home automation software "Alhena" is divided into three parts.

    Create one or several photocompositions housing and insert the items home automation with image supuerposición. Example: At the typesetting will choose pictures of the house with the lights off and the icons are pictures with the lights on. The same for curtains, blinds, etc.

    Developed with world leading company in speech recognition "Nuance" allows you to control home automation components, environments, and in addition TV, music, etc. via Microsoft Windows Media Player. You can use an open mic like the one in your laptop, a WiFi mic, or even your iphone.

    Developed with world leading company in IP Camera: Axis, is the only software on the market that can control home automation items by clicking directly on the image captured by the camera, simply insert transparent icons on the elements to be controlled.

    You can free download ALHENA for 30 days in
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