I've been clearing out my cupboards in readiness for a renovation project. The following are up for offer/swap etc before posting to ebay. Drop me a PM if you are interested in anything. Please note I am not currently in a position to test any of these items so your mileage may vary.


1 x Tivo Series 1, 120gb, turbonet, no subscription
1 x Philips RU940 Pronto and charging dock
1 x ePodsOne + cisco aironet 340 pcmcia card
2 x Home Control X10 Mini Timer (MT7222)
2 x Home Control X10 CM12U PC interface
1 x Home Control X10 TM12U Tranceiver
3 x Home Control X10 LM12U Lamp Module
3 x Home Control X10 AM12U Appliance Module