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    Default The missing link

    now <xAP><on> and <xAP><off>
    Updated my config and now this works OK.

    I'll update the doc and send it to you.

    ** EDIT **
    Checking the documentation, there seems to be a discrepency in relation to the <xAP><schema>generic</schema></xAP> entry and the documentation.
    In one doc it's as above, in the main doc, it's detailed as:

    <Class>The class within the header to recognise (class=)

    <body>[INDENT]The body/block/section name within the message

    <parameter>The parameter name within the body

    <type>The type of parameter eg text, numeric or state - (not yet implemented, all treated as text)

    <context>If an additional parameter within the block further defines the 'context' of this parmeter.
    e.g. within the X10 schema device=A6 (not yet implemented)


    Can I just check which version is correct?
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