This thread is for feedback on beta 5 of the xAP Flash application previously called xAP Joggler. The name change reflecting the application can be run on any Flash capable platform and within any web browser supporting Flash and not just the Joggler.

Beta 5 is available now upon request by email to myself - or via PM . Over this weekend it will comprise a pre release version which is essentially final code, but first pass docs and limited XML example files. In a couple of days with a bit more proof reading it will be emailed to all registered beta testers . I do encourage testers to request and kick the tyres of this pre beta.

I welcome Martyn Wendon who has made considerable code, features and time contribution to this beta and should be able to assist with any questions on any aspects of the beta testing. . Beta 5 is the first release that I hope addresses almost all the key features required for such an application, although there are still many things we intend to add.

Getting beta 5 out the door has taken a while, indeed a lot longer than I had hoped, and so it's our intention to now release small incremental fixes as needed for beta 5 - in a timely fashion and addressing any issues you uncover , whilst in the longer term we consider beta 6. New feature requests would likely await beta 6.

I'll shortly post a quick summary of new features ...