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    Quote Originally Posted by SiliconPixel View Post
    Are there any samples of a textbox being populated from a generic (non BSC) xAP message?
    You need to create a textbox and then set the xAP element to recover a 'generic' schema as CID2 is not supported directly (in fact I am not aware of it as a schema).

    Here is an example of a textbox using your schema and recovering the read messages number :

    <textbox NAME="Asterisk_read">>
                  <textprefix><![CDATA[There are ]]></textprefix>
                  <textsuffix><![CDATA[ read messages]]></textsuffix>
    I have included a text prefix and suffx - I have used CDATA tags because there is a trailing and leading space required and this will be removed otherwise.

    There are 7 read messages (cf There are7read messages)

    Also - you are recognising a message - I don't know how Gregs schema works but if there is a CTI2.event message then that is probably what you want - and I am not sure if you can query his schema at startup to solicit the current state - if not you will see the following displayed until a messages is sent.

    There are read messages

    HTH - I know we do need to get out some fuller XML examples....

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