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Thread: Idratek + ChattyHome?

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    Default Idratek + ChattyHome?

    Hi guys. Is it possible to use Idratek hardware with software other than the PC-based CORTEX? I'm developing a Mac-based HA system and I'm looking into ways of integrating it with Idratek hardware... - Home automation for Mac

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    keeping Cortex in the loop is disirable, due to its unique intelligence ...

    one way, presumably, is to use Parallels 6 to run 'XP running Cortex & the new USB connector ... all on just a Mac ... (?)

    or link Mac to Cortex running on a PC via MS Remote Desktop (on the PC) ... which IIRC some people do (?)

    another, perhaps, might be to run Cortex on a PC, and work with it from Mac or iPhone or iPad or iPod touch via browser :

    any limitations ?

    any others ?
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    Karam@idratek did say something when asked about possibly releasing the specs of the api/protocol just so others could implement it, but its proprietary and had to be signed off by various 3rd parties to become possible and was still at the investigative stage. Ive not heard any news since but there again I haven't been pestering for it either...
    My interest is in a linux based server, since I have a 47 rack of the things for other purposes. To set cortex up on a windows machine I'd have to actually go out and buy a license for windows as we've managed to wean ourselves off it completely so that's not going to happen.

    Chris, ive read that cortex in the loop line many times from people, but as a potential customer I'd want to have the ability to be stupid if I want to and re-implement the functionality for myself.

    If you get any further ghrom let us know as Id invest in it for my next install if it ever happened. Id imagine a osx client wouldnt be too far removed from my aims being *bsd based.
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