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Thread: Cortex 25

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    We've got DFPs throughout, located near doors in typical light switch positions generally.

    No I don't think video would be an improvement - we use handsfree audio, so only the caller is near the panel & its generally used for meal call, reminder to X to do Y, can you find the Z etc. Normal family stuff - the intercom removes the need to shout between rooms rather than for conversations :-)

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    Hello Folks

    Just getting back to the OP

    I was kind of expecting the auto update option on Cortex to work -but I'm still on 24.4.7 and Cortex reports that it's up to date.

    So - for a manual install, can I just uninstall v24, then reinstall v25 (d/l from website), without any loss of database or history?

    And why doesn't the auto update work?

    Oh - and another Q - why does v24 require a speech SAPI, and v25 not - I'm assuming speech still works in v25?


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    I'll wait for Karam or Vivian to give the definitive answer.

    But historically the major version updates have always required uninstall/reinstall. I can't remember a time when history/logs were not preserved. I imagine this is due to technical requirements based on additional components being installed or replaced. There should be some v25 release notes somewhere that covers the installation.

    I think at least one reason that auto-update doesn't jump major versions is that they often require manual intervention or may change the platform requirements. There are still people happily running very old versions of Cortex who simply don't touch the system. You would not want to risk disturbing their set-up.

    And I suppose another reason is that, whilst we have always enjoyed free upgrades of major versions, the right to charge has always been reserved.

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    Gumby's reply pretty much says it all.
    If you visit the website Support | Downloads | release notes it explains Cortex 25 install.
    We would not want to force customers to update to 25 as some features get depreciated and new ones added. Speech in Cortex 25 is via SAPI5 and SAPI4 is not longer supported.

    Cortex 24 update should still work for Cortex 24, that is any bug fixes will still cause an update.

    Yes you can uninstall Cortex 24 and install Cortex 25 and your data and licence will be preserved.


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