I'm an automation virgin.

I've decided to take the leap into automating my new house and the first thing I would like to do is automate my central heating. By this I mean allow me to be sat in front of the TV and click a button to set a temperature or switch on the heating.

I have a standard Gas Central Heating system in a 6 month old property with a standard manual rotary thermostat and standard mechanical TRVís on each radiator.

I would ideally like to replace the thermostat with an automated one and then gradually be able to control rooms on a room by room basis using new automated TRV's.

I also plan on starting to control lights and other devices in the house, so the technology I use for the heating should ideally be able to control these too.

Finally I would like the technology I choose to be able to be controlled from a PC.

Can anyone suggest a way forward with this? I have looked at Z-Wave and X10 but cannot find a thermostat replacement (I can fine Z-Wave TRV's). Which technology do people recommend without having to place wires down?

Thanks for any help.