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Thread: Windows Media Center - TV wireless connection

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    Default Windows Media Center - TV wireless connection

    Hi all

    I am trying to get my Windows media center PC in my office hooked up to my Sky and TV in the lounge wirelessly - does anyone know of any product that will allow full two way communication for the Sky signal, and the PC based Media so that I can record TV on the PC and serve Media to the TV.

    I have looked at the Hauppage MVP - and the Linksys wireless media adapter but neither seem to offer the two way communication

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Default Re: Windows Media Center - TV wireless connection


    Yes, I have some of this.

    I have managed to get sky to the pc but not the media back to the tv.

    Basically, I have a video sender in my lounge, where my main TV and sky plus system is located. This video sender beams sky all around my house.

    The TV sender receiver has a scart output. I went to Maplin and bought a SCART to AV connector along with a clever little filter that converts scart to colour.

    I then ran an SVideo lead and AV leads from the receiver. S-Video seems to bring the video and the av appears to provide sound.

    I now have WMC tuned in on the S-VIDEO channel and it works fine.

    If you need any more help, drop me a line.


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