I've trouble binding HR80's to the Evotouch controller. The BDR91 relais bind correctly, but the HR80's do not.
I'm going through the procedure by pressing the button on the HR80 for about 1 second, after which it shows the version number. The I click the bind button on the Evotouch controller and I see SYNC appearing in the display of the HR80.
But I never get a confirmation on the Evotouch, like I did when I binded the BDR91. And the Evotouch complains that binding is incomplete.
I tried resetting the Evotouch to factory settings, removing batteries from the HR80, distance between the two has been reduced to 10cm.
Since I can successfully bind the BDR91 and the issue occurs with each of the six HR80 I have, I'm probably making some basic mistake.
If anyone can help, I would much appreciate it.