Happy New Year!!

I have just uploaded Beta 3 of xAP Desktop to mi4.biz. There are many
new features and if you use xAP Desktop I would strongly recommend
upgrading as new displays are likely to use these features. Thanks go to
both Kevins for their help!

New Features
Much more friendly display loader with a wizard to guide you through the
Displays can be reconfigured without having to reload from the library.
Displays can now have 40 images and 40 labels, up from 20.
Images can now have tooltips.
Global variables.
Event manager now uses Display names rather than display01 etc
Displays can now have menus.
Can check for software updates.

And as usual there's one new big feature:

Remote Mode

Remote mode works exactly the same as if you are running Desktop on your
local network except instead for getting xAP messages from the network,
it connects to your xServer across the internet.
Assuming you have the xServer setup on your home network all you need to
enter in to Desktop is the server address and the code. Once these are
set changing from local to remote mode is a simple as selecting an
option on the tray icon. When in remote mode the tray icon's colour
indicates the connection status, red implies not connection and the
usual green indicates a valid connection.

The script and event guides have been updated with all the new commands
of which there are quite a few additions.

It is strongly recommended to upgrade to this version to keep
compatibility with new displays.