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Thread: Conrad/eQ-3/HouseTech/ELV System with FHEM/CUL

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    Default Conrad/eQ-3/HouseTech/ELV System with FHEM/CUL

    Iím considering installing heating controls based around the eQ-3/Conrad/HouseTech/ELV system. I plan to use a boiler connect relay (FHT8W), room thermostats and actuators, plus a supervisory computer system based on FHEM with a CUL/CC1101 interface to the RF network.

    Everything looks good if I use the FHT80B room thermostats, but now Iíve seen another model, called the 'HomeMatic wireless thermostat', Conrad part number 646310-89 (kit inc. actuator).

    This model seems to offer enhanced capabilities over the previous ones, including more time periods for autonomous operation (up to 24 periods per day), and display of the actual/current temperature, rather than temperature setpoint (although previous models claimed to support display of actual, but apparently did not deliver this functionality).

    Can anyone confirm whether this new model can be used with the system I've proposed, namely with the FHT8W boiler connect and with FHEM over a CUL interface? Does it display actual temp as promised?

    Secondly, does anyone know whether the self-contained actuator/controller, described as "Radio energy-saver regulator", Conrad part number 616100-89 (or ELV Thermostat ETH comfort 200), can be controlled via FHEM/CUL? These seem like they might be suitable for rooms that don't justify their own separate thermostat, e.g. the en-suite associated with a guest room.

    Thanks for any help...


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    Quote Originally Posted by exponent View Post
    Can anyone confirm whether this new model can be used with the system I've proposed, namely with the FHT8W boiler connect and with FHEM over a CUL interface?
    I have an FHT8W and looking in the instruction manual it doesn't say that it works with the HomeMatic system.

    It specifies that it communicates with all control units within the FHT system, i.e. "FHT 8R", "FHT 8B", "FHT 80B" and "FHZ1000" and with the valve drives "FHT 8S" and "FHT 8V".

    I have had a look on the HomeMatic site and can't find any equivalent of the FHT8W which IMO is an essential part of the system for effective operation. It would be odd if they didn't do an equivalent product though.

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    Back when HouseTech were selling both online, they explicitly stated that they were not compatible even though they look similar. I suspect it is down to the protocol used over the air. That said, I haven't any proof of this so it may or may not work.

    With FHEM in the middle, perhaps it could be made to work? The FHZ1000PC is as far as I can tell simply a USB to serial converter connected to a 868Mhz (I think) transceiver so assuming they both work on the same frequency, FHEM could be persuaded to read in the signals received and output the correct signals for the other parts of the system. (FHEM doesn't currently support this as far as I know, but it is all written in Perl so I am sure it could be made to).

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