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Thread: Cytech Compfort input count

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    Default Cytech Compfort input count


    Do I understand correctly that maximum Compfort input count is 64 or is it possible to extend it more?

    My current plan is to use Paradox solution (technically way better than Compfort) but it is lacking KNX support and it is not known if they ever plan to have it. So from this point of view Compfort is better choice.

    It would be not a problem when only movement and smoke sensors are used. Some water detection sensors also do not change it.

    But I like to add also the window contacts and I like to know when window is fully open or only kipped. This means that evey window will need at least two sensors or even more when window does have more parts than one. This is where my iinput list goes over the 64 limit.


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    Comfort can have up to 64 Alarm Inputs (and 64 outputs)
    Another type of expansion module, the Remote Input/Ouput Modules (RIO01) can add another 120 non-alarm inputs and outputs to the system
    A RIO non-alarm input cannot be used to trigger alarms but can trigger Responses in Comfort (which are programs which can be used to control anything in Comfort).


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