This is my first post on here so please be gentle!

I have a two-way light circuit with 4 mains switches on a UK 240VAC system. The incoming feed is on a light switch that also has a neutral fitted to the box. The supply to the physical lights leaves this switch as well. The 4 switches drive 3 CFLs and are working fine with no AW12 fitted.

I would like to convert this switch to X10. I purchased a Marmitek AW12 module that has been installed on the output wire to the lights for the switched contact. The AW12 works fine via X10 but intermittently via the physical switches. On measuring the voltage that the switch provides I get 240V when the switch is on but I get 48V when the switch is off, with respect to neutral. I believe this voltage is being induced due to the proximity of the wires in the two way cable. Is there any way an AW12 can be told what the 'off' voltage threshold is? I think the AW12 is assuming that 48V is still on, not off when the switch is operated.

I've checked the resistance from the local neutral back to the consumer unit and it is good. The neutral I'm testing against is fine.

I'v tried another AW12 and I get the same problem. If I try either AW12 conected directly to a single mains switch they work fine, I don't think my brand new AW12s are faulty.

Another option I have is puting a mains relay on the output of the switches and then using this to turn the input of the AW12 on and off. This should fix the issue but it is a little messy and requires a relay that will be 'off' when 50VAC as applied, on when 240VAC is applied.

Any ideas will be apprecaited!

Many thanks