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Thread: HA Controlled Appliances

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    Default HA Controlled Appliances

    As Chris mentioned in the Idratek and Alarm Integration page...HA control of a washing machine can be fairly easily achieved now with the digital controls.

    Is it worth the hassle?

    Is it actually useful or just OTT geekyness?

    What would be the WAF of doing it? (Especially important since they're the ones who use it! )

    Moving this onto other areas how about an oven? Or dishwasher?

    For me personally a microwave appeals most.

    I have an In-Car PC already that can handle all the navigation/media wouldn't be that difficult to code a feature so when driving home from work and 5 mins away my car sends a message (via WWW or even GSM) that means I have food awaiting for me on my return. Granted it's not the healthiest but it's an option.

    Any other idea or attempts already at integration of appliances?

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    not forgetting that control needs feedback, as well as ability to command ...

    'though command alone can sometimes be enough (for delayed start, say) ...

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