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Thread: Which Home Alarm?

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    I've just been through the same process you're going through, looking for an alarm system that would interface with Homeseer. I looked at quite a few panels, including this one from TLC and decided, in the end, that only Comort through it's Homeseer plugin gave the level of integration I was looking for.

    I've just installed it and contrary to a lot of peoples opinions, I found the programming fairly straightforward, although I'm not using it to anywhere near the level of complexity it's capable of - all that is done in Homeseer !


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    I still think Comfort is OTT for what I need; I'm all for getting gadgets, but I'm not sure it's worth paying the premium for features I'd never use. I'd always assumed I'd use Comfort, but having finally taken th etime to read up on it, I'm not sold (plus I think the Comfort website isn't very good).

    I've been looking at this one, but I don't have a price yet...

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    Have you considered a DSC system, i fitted a power 832, it has x10 control even via the "escort" telephone interface, fire, can do wireless and all sorts, has been very reliable for me.

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