Hi all,

I'm proud to introduce you kwikwai, our HDMI-CEC bridge to ethernet, usb and serial.

As a HA enthusiast or professional installer, I'm sure you'll be interested in our product that gives access to CEC from anywhere within the house or even outside.

CEC, standing for Consumer Electronic Control, is a pretty underground feature of the worldwide adopted HDMI standard.
Actually, it is now commonly supported by the major CE providers but they usually have a specific branding (Panasonic = EZSynch or HDAVI or Viera Link, Samsung = Anynet+, ...) . This way you could misunderstand that it is re-invented each and every time by each manufacturer although it is interoperable between vendors (at least in theory as some implementation are a bit dubious).

The idea of CEC is to allow devices to communicate with one another, so that, for example, the TV turns itself on to the correct channel when you press PLAY on the DVD player (“one touch play”). If you have used European SCART connectors (the huge connectors on the back of european devices), you already had a feel for the added convenience of such inter-device chatter.

Provided it is supported by your equipment, using kwikwai, you'll be able for instance to display a message on the TV or request the state of the recorder before turning off everything.
Or you can simply use kwikwai as a diagnostic tool to check the behavior of your HDMI devices.

You'll find more information and use cases on our site www.kwikwai.com