I have been slowly upgrading my ha setup, origionally installed in 2001 when we built the house. All the lights are x10 din rail modules, and the heating is via aw10 switches for each zone.

Swapped out comfort 1 last year for new comfort 2 and added some scs switches etc, so next strategy is to move away from x10, prob looking at cbus or eib gradually (so herself does'nt see the price of it).

Anyway, was thinking of the heating setup, and as mentioned, I have 3 aw10 modules controlling the oil fired heating system and 2 zones. I have 3 analog timers (you know the ones with the 15min segments) along side the aw10's to give manual control, but tbh, in 10 years they have never been used, I just put them in as a backup measure.

So, x10 being a bit unreliable, I want to replace the heating control, and was thinking the simplest way woudl be 3 x relay outputs from comfort to replace the 3 x aw10's. I figure I could run a few twisted pairs down to where the aw10's are and install the relays in place of them.

Would appreciate some advice from anyone who ahs done this or something like it, or point me in the direction of some components or diy guide etc to do it ?

Using comfort outputs seems to be the most reliable way, and cant see any justification in using a dedicated heating control system, which seem very pricy, considering I should be able to do everything within comfort, and the scs's etc.