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Thread: AD10 stuck on

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    Default AD10 stuck on

    My 1st post is a cry for help.
    I have 2 AD10 DIN modules at the mains box that switch my upstairs and downstairs lighting circuit all on and off at once, lights I want to come on are left active by their wall switches.
    These have worked fine for over a year (end of warranty gone), but last night came on at 1AM and will not turn off with the front switch, X10 or the manual wired switch.
    Bizarrely this is just as I was about to take them out after buying a load of socket rockets to increase flexability. Another unit did this a year ago, though that one died over a week.
    So I have took them out a week early but had planned to use them in the garage. Is it possible to get them working again? The relay rocker inside moves by hand but seems stiff. Nothing looks burnt out or smells.
    Searching the web seems to have lots of these failing, I might just moan at Marmitek for a refund\replacement.

    In other news we have been playing with an american CM15A that I have working via a modded transformer, letting me use lots of cheap RF switches and PIRs from the US here in the UK. Not connected with the above problem as it is not installed in the same house yet. Obviously this uses an illegal frequency but saves s...
    Still early days but I will post more about it after I am happy it is reliable (for x-10).

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    This happens quite a lot with AD10s. Also the socket rockets are really unreliable.
    As you have disconnected them have you tried reconnecting them.
    Something else I have seen is that when they refuse to work, changing the house code and unit number may get it working again. But this tends to be a temporary solution as it will fail again.
    Personally I would use micro modules rather than the AD10s and socket rockets. Much more reliable. And there is an adapter available that allows you to fit the modules in a din rail cabinet.

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    Default Ad10

    Thanks, I shall give that a try later, I will have to wire the removed extra consumer unit onto a plug and flex temporary though. Do they need a bulb as load also for a test?

    Saw your post about the socket rockets only yesterday.
    I have invested rather heavilly in socket rockets I'm afraid in the quest to individually automate LED and CFL bulbs without rewiring exra wires to the sockets. I bought 15, then another 10 on impulse from ebay so have lots of spares.

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