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    Hi Toscal thanks again for your quick respone and explanations its been a big help there still loads to learn but think im getting the hang of things a little better i keep on reading lots of different posts etc, did think there would have been more input from other users which is ashame really because thats what keeps the forums alive and this is a great place to learn so from all the peeps who as veiwed this thread there must be some input you can had even if its a question which when it gets answered helps every one.

    Great link thankyou will have a good look at all that thanks

    Toscal i have read your post on the use of xmbc which ive downloaded looks a great programme is this best run on a standaloan machine and how do you stream to the tels is this a total seperate thing and hv as nothing to do with it or is it controlled with hv, there was some of the abrieviations in your post which i didn't really know what they ment so if you can explain what is needed to set this sort of system up that would be great
    anyway thanks again toscal keep up your brill work Paul
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