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    I'm new to zwave, and dont want to spend a fortune on the wrong equipment, so some advice would be appreciated.

    I'm looking at replacing my light switches with zwave switches and have already installed a zdw232 in my office with no problems.

    I'm now moving on to my living room, but the lighting setup is more complicated. I have 2 switches in there - a single switch by the door, and a double at the other side which switches both the living room ceiling light and the kitchen light. (There is also another double on the other side of the wall in the kitchen that controls both of 2 lights in the kitchen).

    Could somebody advise me on which ACT Homepro units i'd need to buy to set up the living room correctly. I'm not overly concerned about dimming, but have looked at replacing the single with a ZDW230 and the double with a ZRM230? Can I achieve the correct 3-way config with these switches?

    BTW, the only reason I'm looking at Homepro switches is because thats what Ive already installed and would like to keep a consistent look. But I would be flexible if need be!!


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    You could always try the easier option of screw-in/bayonet components:


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