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Thread: Idratek alternative wall switches

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    Question Idratek alternative wall switches

    Hi all, I am about to start a new extension as needless to I want to automate left, right and centre. I really like the design ethos of idratek; pc control with a fall-back basic distributed control system but can't convince my wife about the look modules on the wall.

    However, she was dead impressed by a demo of a Lutron setup a while back and I can see why . When you look at established lighting control companies they all have a very similar controls. I know I can wire up some momentary switches to a digital input (the varilight ones look good) but does anyone have any other ideas. A typical lighting control is compact and also provides feedback, I don't want to compromise on the user interface but I would rather user a flexible setup like Idratek over expensive lighting only systems.

    Does anyone know of any generic wall controls that could be integrated into idratek?

    Many thanks in advance,


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    some thoughts ...

    why have any modules on the wall ?

    why not fully automate (sensors as appropriate) ...

    and if you need manual intervention, put some buttons somewhere convenient to wherever you would want to intervene from ...

    third-party individual momentary switches could be installed almost anywhere, in any style, visible & almost invisible, that might suit ...


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    Hi Chris,

    Sorry only just realized I hadn't posted a reply - thanks for the tip. With switches like that you can make up what you like. I needed to think more out of the box...

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