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    Default Selling - Russound Kit (Cav etc.)

    In the next few weeks I will be upgrading the Russound kit we have in our house. It consists of 2 x Russound Cav6.6 whole house audio amps with 12 Keypads. A ST2 dual tuner. A sms3 250 media server and a itunes iBridge Bay kit. I also have the toolkit for updating firmware / programming everything. All completely working - only reason for sale is upgrading to Crestron Digital Media kit.

    Let me know if anyone has any interest. Would need to pick it up from Wimbledon, London.

    I may also have the remote somewhere but have never used it. I don't have any of the iR emitters - I am sure they can be picked up easily though. I think I have all the manuals somewhere but they are available online anyway.

    I will demo it all working then my need a little help dismantling!


    chris 'at' chrispurves 'dot' com
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    I also have some surplus Russound kit (mostly new), including a SMS3-160 server, various S2 keypads, at least one TS2 touchscreen, a tuner and some abus hubs iirc. If anyone is interested just give me a shout.



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