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    Default idratek solution for retro fit

    Hello all,

    Long time lurker here from when I purchased my current house. I'm now looking for a new place and this time have the funds to do what I need (want?!) to do for HA.

    I have spent the last few weeks researching the various home automation systems and have been disappointed at how little things seem to have moved since I was last looking (2006)! It seemed that X10 was still the only method to use (also a nice US system which I forget the name - but not over here yet)... so then I stumbled across Idratek. It sounds amazing.

    So, after spending the last week finding out more about the modules etc, I am ready to discuss what I actually need (as I am still a little unclear on a lot of this - new to HA really!)

    So... my current set up, I have a "node-0" set up for my networking. I'd like to keep this the same in the new house and have everything wired back to the "brain".

    If I write what I think should happen, can people please correct me?

    - Windows PC running Cortex
    - spurs from here to each room (one per room)
    - spurs using the c-bus pink Cat5 cable

    Each Room
    - spur modules off the single cable to the room
    - DFP on the wall where the light switch would normally be
    - radiator controls
    - window / door contacts

    - camera x1 at front of house
    - camera x2 outside in the garden

    Boiler Room
    - thermostat control

    Is that all I will need? Ideally, I'd like to use this for the lighting circuit first - then add in plug sockets to control lamps etc.

    - the spurs from each room - what do they connect to in the node-0 room?
    - radiator controls and other modules which spur off the main branch to that room, how do these get wired? If I have the cat5 to the room, is there a junction box I use to branch additional cat5s to each module? that'd be ugly in my opinion! (for the radiator or window contacts)
    - does the DFP in each room replace the light switch? Does this act as the controller for the main light in that room?

    My main query is how to use this for lighting. Assuming the new house has a standard lighting ring set up, how does it integrate? There's a chance that I may need to have the house re-wired (lights & power) as I did with this house I'm in now. What should I consider when having this done - ie: this would be a new install so could potentially get it right off the bat!

    Thanks for any help. I'm technically minded, but not an electrician so have no idea about the insulating or amp ratings to use for these sorts of cables.

    [edit]In addition to the above I need to consider TV and Audio distribution. Currently I have a loftbox and a wireless speaker set up... I want HD ditribution and probably Sonos for the music next. Does Idratek integrate with any of these - or have a solution which does play nicely with them?? [/edit]
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