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Thread: Multi Room Set Up

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    The Sonos solution doesn't need to cost a fortune, as you can fit as many or little of the zoneplayers initially and add to it later. You could simply fit the one ZP120 amp directly feeding one of the WM17 speaker switchers feeding 2 rooms/areas, but still wire all the other areas appropriately to suit adding more Sonos amps as and when.

    Remember when designing the setup for Sonos it's best not to bring all the speaker cables back to 1 location but to spread out the amps to give a good wireless network for the sonos controllers to talk to. And always wire at least 2 speakers in each room unless the room is tiny and it's more suitable to fit a single stereo speaker, which still uses 2 speaker cables.


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    Default Niles speaker switches

    An alternative I stumbled across are these MVC HUB4 speaker switches with in wall volumes controls MVC100R see Trouble is they only seem to exist in the US. Any one know a UK supplier? Or better yet any any experience of the Niles kit?

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    Personally, I find a good combination that works very well for me.

    For amps, I use class-T amps with Tripath TA2020 or TA2024 chipsets, widely available on eBay for very cheap (try Muse brand though, the build quality the best of the bunch). And don't think the sound quality is rubbish because it's cheap - the quality is amazing! Just not very loud, but enough for a home install.

    For source, I use O2 Jogglers with SqueezeBox Player installed. Again the cost is very low and it actually works better than the original/standalone SqueezeBox players! Very easy to set up too. And in my opinion it is better than Sonos in many ways, at least for me.

    It would require a SqueezeBox server installed somewhere obviously.

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