Hi, I'm Steve, read most of the forum, never posted before

I am just about to start a new renovation project up in Scotland.

House is currently a single storey bungalow, 3 bed, Dining, Lounge, Kitchen, 1 Bath

Construction is timber framed walls and open plan loft space, used electric storage heaters and immersion for hot water, conventional halogen surface mount lights throughout.

Plan is to replace the heating system with biomass fed stove and back boiler in the lounge, this will feed 500l buffer tank (thermal store) and under floor heating throughout

All lighting will be replaced with new ceilings in a couple of rooms to get rid of tiles, new bathroom and kitchen.

At the moment I have narrowed the solutions to control all this to Loxone or Velbus.

I used to install Dynalite systems a while back, so will definitely go with hard wired over wireless for any system chosen.

The UFH manifold will be controlled from the HA system, and sensors on the buffer tank and outside, along with the weather app from Loxone should give me everything I need for heating.

The lighting will be LED throughout, mostly warm white dimmable, with an RGBWW in every room, normally at coving level to give effect.

The light switched chosen are these from Retrotouch - http://www.retrotouch.co.uk/chrometr...hes/00240.html

If I go with Loxone, I know I can use the DMX dimmer option, and possibly their own DMX Dimmer for cost reasons, with every circuit being dimmable LED, I could not justify the full price of their own dimmer extension, not sure what I would use for Velbus or the cost, will need to speak to them.

Then the next stage is to convert the loft to living space next year with an additional Bedroom, Bathroom and retreat area, this will continue the same theme as downstairs.

The reasons I like Loxone, everything from one provider including multi room audio, intercom, sensors, reasons I dont, centralised logic functions

The reasons I like Velbus, not centralised, same functionality, reasons I dont, not all systems from same company that I need

I dismissed Idratek, lack of knowledge and unclear system spec on their website, Windows PC reliant, I will not have my system controlled from a windows PC.

Not sure if I missed any other system except for the likes of Cbus, Control4 etc, but they seem to be closed protocols that do not support end user programming and integration, plus price

The main problem I will have is lack of trades, being in the highlands, everything is an hour and a half a way, electricians and plumbers etc do not like travelling. But the view makes it worth it.

PS, my current job is a Microsoft Dynamics consultant/programmer, so coding and software is no stranger to me.

When everything is confirmed and ready to go, I will create a new thread with the install details. Should start before Christmas with the biomass system