Its time for me to have a clear out as Iíve turned the spare room into a ďrealĒ spare room and not a HA store!! So here goes before I stick the lot on Ebay!

Oh and yes before you ask, my New Years resolution is to buy less toys on impulse!

Pah, fat chance :-)

***Kramer 4x4 S-Video Matrix Switcher***

This one is the daddy! Boxed, fully working and like new!




***Speakercraft Easy6 IR Routing 6 Zone Pre-Amp***

Supports Xantech receivers and emitters. Full zoning and routing.


Used but I have the original box etc. Complete with the remote. Ccf is also on remotecentral.com.

Iíll also enclose 6 single emitters.



***Nirvis Slink-e + 6 Zone Xantech Adaptor****



Like new, in fact the adaptor is Brand New! Had it made to order by Nirvis after they stopped the distro on the Sink-e (A sad day!). But then I upgraded my AV M.Room system so Itís redundant!



***Cambridge Audio Power Amplifiers x 6***

Iím fairly certain you canít get these anymore. I have 6. 3 used 24-7 for around 2 years. 3 hardly ever used or switched on! One has some scuffs on the top (From the rack).

All have the 5 year Richer Sounds warranty! With nearly 3 years left on the warranty.

The perfect partners for the Easy6!


£50 each but would prefer to sell as a job lot so £250 for all 6!


***Xantech URC2***


Reviewed here:


Boxed and as new. Complete with programming cable.



***Xantech SmartPad3 IR Learning Wall Pads***


Iíve got a selection of 2 gang and 1 gang units and key modules. Some are brand new, some I have bought from ebay. Let me know if youíre interested and Iíll dig them out.


***Xantech AV Switcher RS41AV***



This is yet another unused USA Ebay purchase. Youíll need a UK PSU but theyíre ten a penny.



***Xantech Micro Link Receivers 490-00 x 3***


Used but boxed.

(Might have a few more of these, but need to dig some more!)



***Dabs Neoview 18.1 TFT Monitor/TV***


Has the TV tuner module and IR remote. As new and boxed.



All shipping at cost. Discounts on bulk purchases :-)