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Thread: UK Supplier of 1-Wire parts.

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    Default UK Supplier of 1-Wire parts.


    We are Sheepwalk Electronics. We've been going about a year now and we're a Yorkshire based supplier of components, kits and modules to use with a Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire network.

    Our plan over the years is to offer an ever increasing range of sensor modules and other items such as a power injector and hub.

    Our website and online store can be found at

    Paul Everett

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    Welcome Paul - thanks for the post, some interesting stuff there.


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    Thanks for the welcome

    We are only a very small company, it is not my main job, but I started up because I had been having problems myself in finding a decent UK source of 1-Wire kit. Things were pretty slow until the cold weather hit at the back end of last year which seemed to get everybody interested as sales spiked quite impressively in December and January.

    The next thing that will be available is the SWE3 humidity sensor module. The first batch of 20 PCBs came on Monday and I plan to build one up at the weekend to test. If it works they should be on sale in the next month or so.

    I'm also more than happy for people to come to me with specific requirements. For example I can make up a DS18S20 or DS18B20 temperature sensor on the end of any length of cable (within reason) with either an RJ11 or RJ45 plug, and also can fit them inside a length of nylon tubing making them suitable for inserting into the sleeves that a lot of new domestic hot water cylinders have for monitoring the water temperature.

    Requests/suggestions for new modules are also always welcome. A power injector and hub are two I am planning on working on over the next 12 months or so.


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    I would give my left arm for a 1-wire weather station and some wireless 1-wire temperature modules... all compatible with OWFS of course


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    Long may you continue, I ordered some DS18S20's off you a week or so ago, saved my life as the alternative was ordering them from somewhere far far away and who knows how long they would take to get here. I could not see anyone in the UK stocking them until I found your site and a decent price aswell so cheers.

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