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Thread: Surplus Russound Audio kit for sale

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    Default Surplus Russound Audio kit for sale

    This time it's Russound audio kit up for sale most of which is new still in their original boxes. I'll add more items and details when I have the time. If anyone is interested please post or call me. Some items are small and easily posted and some larger but still ok to courier.

    [1] Russound Colour Touchscreen UNO-TS2 in white x 1 off SOLD
    In box with white bezel & manual. Would suit upgrading a Uno-S2 keypad connected to a CAV6.6 or CAM multi-room system. -- a photo of the touchscreen paying music from
    an iPod connected thru the iBridge dock.
    450 ono.

    [2] Russound iBridge iPod dock kit BGK1 x 1 off SOLD
    Brand new boxed. This is the dock required to connect an iPod into a Russound RNET multi-room system (i.e. a CAV6.6 or CAM), giving 2 way comms between the keypads/touchscreens and the iPod.
    275 ono.

    [3] Russound Smart Keypads UNO-S2 x 3 off white left now
    These are the 2J RNET keypads, some boxed with manuals. Most brand new and never out of their supplied bags.
    Make me an offer if it's of any use to you.

    [4] Russound Abus 4 zone, 1 source Hubs A-H4 x 2 off
    One is brand new and boxed, and the other is new but without the original box.
    This is a handy device if you want to split abus audio sub-zones in a Russound or Opus multi-room system, or simply use a simple cheap single source audio system, perhaps for a restaurant or small shop. You will need at least one abus keypad to control it.
    Make me an offer if it's of any use to you.

    [5] Russound UNO Keypad/Touchscreen Splitter SA-ZX3 x 2 off
    Allows for multiple Uno keypads and/or touchscreens to be connected to the one Uno keypad port on a controller such as the CAV or CAM. Facilitates adding additional power to keypads.
    Make me an offer if it's of any use to you.

    [6] Russound Abus Keypad A-KP2 x 2 off 1 LEFT
    1J American shape Abus keypad (white) to use with an Abus hub or Abus sub-zone from the likes of a Russound CAV or Opus audio system.
    Make me an offer if it's of any use to you.

    [7] Russound Remote Control for A-KP Keypad x 1 off
    This is the simple IR remote to use with the Abus keypad. Has buttons for on, off, volume up and volume down.

    [8] Russound Abus Local Source Input A-LC2 x 4 off
    1J American shape Abus local source input to give local source over-ride on an Abus system. The Abus connection is wired into and out off this device and onto the Abus keypad. There are RCA line level input connections on the front.

    [9] Russound A-LRC1 Learning Remote Control x 4 off 3 LEFT
    40 each including carriage.

    [10] Russound UNO-LRC1 Learning Remote Control x 1 off
    This was the replacement to the A-LRC1 iirc.

    [11] Russound SRC2 Learning Remote Control x 4 off 2 LEFT

    [11b] Russound SMS3 IR Remote Control x 1 off

    Lastly, 2 of the popular system sources (worth more than everything above put together) -

    [12] Russound Smart Media Server SMS3-160GB x 1 off

    [13] Russound Smart Dual AM/FM Tuner ST2 x 1 off SOLD
    New in box, with remote control. Can be shown working prior to purchase.
    Bargain at 280, which is less than half the trade cost of the unit when originally purchased.

    Feel free to contact me on 07976972782 or

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