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Thread: Surplus CBus hardware for sale

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    Default Surplus CBus hardware for sale

    I have quite a bit of Clipsal CBus hardware built up over the years and needing to clear some stuff out. The following list is some of what I have, some brand new & boxed, some new but been opened, some used for a short time, but all in good working condition.

    I'll add to the list as I find more items and check them out. Let me know if anyone wants photos and I can upload a few.
    Prices inc vat, 3mth warranty and delivery with UK/Ireland.

    [1] CBus Telephone Interface E5100TAU x 1 off
    In box with accessory bag of cables & bits, and manual. I'd prob describe it as B grade in that its only been out of the bag once or twice, but the box is a bit tatty. It doesn't normally come with a psu, but I'll include one with it.
    Note also that this unit incorporates a serial PCI, so if you were after one of these anyway perhaps the tele interface would be a handy tool.
    was 605 new, bargain at 250 for this one.

    [2] CBus PAC (Pascal Automation Controller) 5500PACA x 1 off
    The PAC is boxed and as new. It's never been opened and the box is unmarked.
    462 new, 285 ono for this one.

    [3] CBus Network Bridge 5500NB x 1 off
    The unit is unmarked but with no box or original instructions (easily downloadable).
    370 new, 180 ono for this one.

    [4] CBus Indoor Light Level Sensor E5031PE x 1 off
    Some very minor scuff marks on the front face as the white plastic is so shiny, but this unit could easily be fitted as new. I've seen new items out of the box with the same very minor scuff marks. This unit comes not in the original box or with original instructions.
    111 new, 43 for this one.

    [5] CBus Reflection 8 button switch R5068NL x 1 off (although I have a 2nd somewhere)
    This was used for 3 days on display at an exhibition on a working cbus setup, and hasn't been used since. Two buttons have a very minor scratch and the front plate has a very slight mark near one corner.
    211 new, 100 ono for this one.

    [6] CBus CTouch IR Remote 5035TX x 16 off
    These are the little credit card sized IR remotes that came with ctouch's. There are buttons labelled 1-5, an All Off, and up/down buttons. I think they can be used with other CBus products but its not something I ever looked into much.
    were 60 new, 30 each for the ones I have.

    [7] CBus Neo IR Remote 5038TX x 3 off
    These are the little credit card sized IR remotes with 8 buttons to easily and quickly control Neo switches which each receive IR. If you are using Neo switches they are very useful to have in certain rooms.
    73-80 new but discontinued quite some time ago iirc. 40 each.

    [8] Neo Surround for the monochrome CTouch Mk1, in battleship grey & metal colour 5050CTS x 1 off
    New packaged cover plate for the Mk1 ctouch.
    6 new, 4 for this one.

    [9] CBus CTouch Monochrome Mk1 in Stainless Steel flatplate BS5000CT x 1 off
    This is a new mark 1 monochrome ctouch still in the box with the programming cable, instruction booklet and IR remote. I kept it as a spare for a couple of years but never needed it. It hasn't ever been programmed afaik, and still has the protective covering over the front. -- user guide here
    The Mk2 ones are 690 new, 300 for this unit.

    Feel free to contact me on 07976 972 782 or

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