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Thread: ICOM-Technology - any news?

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    Default Re: ICOM-Technology - any news?

    Less than a month to 2007 - and still no news. :?:

    ACT-solutions is now coming up with interesting stuff for the European standard (even though I don't like their ugly design of their socket plug-in modules) -

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    Exclamation Missed old press release

    When browsing around, I came across this (bit old) press release:

    Trust press release

    The translated summary basically is:

    October 2006: effectively october 6, 2006, all shares of Pan Trade International B.V. and Icom Technology B.V. are aquired by Trust Holding N.V. The aquired companies will be indepandant units within Trust Holding.

    Pan Trade, with the brand click-on-click-off is a leading company in wireless home automation technology.

    Icom Technology ( is specialised in two-way Z-wave controlling technology.
    (remember, very *basic* summary!)

    I wonder what this will mean for European Z-wave??


    More home automation on

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    Who knows, certainly couldn't get much worse. My last email to Zen-Sys didn't get any good news either. No idea what is keeping them from releasing some decent UK modules :-\

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    As I didn't get any joy from Icom I emailed Zensys and I'm still waiting as well. If Trust have taken Icom over then perhaps we can see some products soon. Though there is no mention of any thing on the Trust website, about new Z-wave products.

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