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Thread: Window sensors for UPVC windows.

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    If you mean where the output can oscillate that shouldn't happen anymore than a magnetic approach. It's down more to how and where you mount the sensor really....

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    >I also found that window ...

    interesting ...

    >DIs ...

    yep, we've found we needed to get some ODIs to boost DI capability ...

    >recommend ... keep security and Idranet wiring separate so each room has door, window and PIR cables for security back to a security node and a separate cable for Idranet ...

    interesting ... though we've found that with most modules now having DIs, the need for plenty of sensors for effective presence sensing and relays for switching this & that, there's generally a DI not too far away ...

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    > DI not too far away...
    Yes but is there a cable to it!! Thinking of windows with a sensor on the lock, another on the window to see if its open at all, and either a tilt switch or IR proximity sensor that's 3 sensors incl 1 requiring power just to confirm the state of the window (!). That's doable on a single cat5, but not routed back to the DFP, hence my thoughts that (security) cables should be home run.

    @geps On the why reed switches - I guess its convention of the security industry. Possible advantages smotthness and sealed so may be more resilient in a domestic environment with kids, window cleaners etc about.

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