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Thread: External PIR - Opal Wireless

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    Default External PIR - Opal Wireless

    Hi All,

    I know theres a couple of threads on the Idratek forum about external PIRs, but just when I was about to order a GJD Opal PIR, I noticed they do a wireless one - its receiver can receive signal from 3 different units, and has 3 different no-voltage outputs on it! Perfect! This saves running cable outside and they can be moved easily. On that note - Does anyone have their idranet cables running outside? The thought of a lightening strike over it scares me. and for the receiver. I have ordered and will let you all know how I get on!

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    I did have Idratek cable running outside. I purchased external grade Cat5 cabling and placed in conduit.


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    good find !

    the line-of-sight restriction might be tricky, if it is one - no, it's probably saying up to 150m range, depending on situation (?) ...

    good set of outputs from the receiver, too ...

    we're soon to run Cat-5e STP out to the gazebo - in underground conduit, that's currently carrying a water pipe (blue, to be removed) ... so Paul's exterior grade comment was probably timely !
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