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Thread: Faulty SLD?

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    Default Faulty SLD?

    Hello Folks

    I've just had a halogen bulb connected to a SLD dimmer blow, and I have replaced it with a new one. No joy - the light doesn't come on, and I get 2 alternating flashing LEDs. I checked the fuse and its OK too, so I'm suspecting a faulty SLD.

    Which brings me to my q's... Firstly,

    Anyone know what the LED diagnostics are like on SLD's? I think they are this but would like some confirmation:

    Both flashing in time - no mains to module
    Alternating - Bulb or fuse blown

    And secondly, I do seem to remember having this very same issue with an SLD some time ago - so I'm wondering if it's just me, or if anyone else has had the same issue?


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    There is no distinction between fuse/bulb blown and no mains to module. Since its an inline dimmer they all result in the same thing - no mains to the module. It may be that one of the LEDs was on when the toggling indication started hence alternating. Although the SLD has mechanical fuses it is also electronically overcurrent protected and this should normally be much faster than the fuse. There is also a thermal fuse (could be blown for some reason but not so likely). The SLD you had a problem with in 2007 failed in a different way though if this present one was of similar age then perhaps it could be for a similar reason. Either way I'm afraid this looks like a case of return/analysis :-(

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