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Thread: Newbie help please - but I do know what I want

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    Default Newbie help please - but I do know what I want


    I have just bought my first home and am interested in automating it. My only experience so far is a Phillips Pronto for all my AV equipment and a Lutron light switch.

    I know what I want to achieve, but am unsure of where to start. I have read a lot on various websites but really need some assistance from those who know.

    Here are the things I wish to achieve.

    1. Distribution of AV to more than one room - At present I have a DVD, Sky box, VHS, X-box, CD/Minidisc all running through a Yamaha DSP A2 amp into a Panasonic Widescreen TV. I want to be able to distribute this to the lounge and bedroom with IR control, maybe even housing all the equipment in Node 0. Do I need co-ax or CAT5?

    2. Whole house audio I know top end systems are out of my price range, so just some hardwired speakers in the kitchen, bedrooms and maybe bathroom will do. I have an Ipod and have seen the Seaonce port which I like and would want to use this as the main library of songs. Will I need separate amps for each area or can I system from the Yamaha.

    3. Lighting I love the idea of auto occupancy lighting, but I am unsure of what other levels of control this offers

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    Default Re: Newbie help please - but I do know what I want

    Hi Funkster,

    I'm new here to, but should be able to answer some of your Q's

    1.Distribution of your AV kit can be done over either Coax or CAT5e. The problem with coax is that at the moment only the sky box will accept IR signals into it and all your composite video sources would have to be modulated up to UHF, causing signal degridation. The alternative is using the CAT5e, however this has to be used as a compsite video distribution method because CAT5e doesnt have the bandwith to pass traditional UHF signals. The Nexus from AV Nex ( is perfect for this as it is a 6x6 AV switching matrix with IR passing.

    2) Whole House Audio, the basic systems can be done with just a good quality audio amp, take the speaker outputs and split them to each room. Be carefull to use Impedance Matching Volume controls in each room before you get to the speakers or you could power the output stage of you amplifier.

    Next level up is single source-multiroom, taking the line level output of a source device and sharing it around the house. But you are right you will need an amp or active peakers in each room to hear the music. In the not to distant future your will be able to do this all in one box and wirelessly ( it even has a built in amp!

    3) Occupancy simulation is at the further end of systems capabilities, ie if it can do that then it should be able to do all your room dimming and scene setting as well, as standard.

    That prob puts a load more Q's in your head but I hope it helped. (trade)
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    Default Re: Newbie help please - but I do know what I want


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