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Thread: DFP Volume - How loud should it be?

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    Ok well, an alternative soundcard works fine - mixer settings setup exactly the same! I cant work it out, but it may just be that for some very odd reason, it just doesn't like it.

    Anyway, I'm happy I can atleast get it working.

    By the way, the soundcard is a Realtek HD on-board thing, it may have something to do with it being a 5 channel thing, front/rear/sub type thing (Obviously I set all of these to full volume).

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    Which of the channels did you plug into on the realtek?

    Typically you might plug into one of the front or the center channels and unmute the wave, front and center controls. Both the wave and the relevant channel sliders will have an effect on volume, as well of course as the master volume control.

    As you say you've found a solution that works, but I can't figure out why it should be related to the sound card. The PCU input is pretty high impedance so its not like it would have a loading effect on the soundcard. Who knows - perhaps some soundcards mute their output if they don't detect a low impedance (speaker) attached, though I don't see a reason for doing this either.

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