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Thread: Broken Honeywell HR80

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    Default Broken Honeywell HR80

    Hi There

    Just wondered if anyone out there knows where to get hold of a replacement part for the HR80? The bit that comes off the motor, that attaches to the radiator (standard one)...

    The plastic seems to have broken down and gone brittle and brown and all broken meaning it will no longer stay on the rad valve...

    Have 2 that have done this - about 5 years old now.

    Thanks for any help!


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    Default Not an Easy One but I have an Idea

    Hello nickdenker

    It's actually not easy to find the parts and it seems to depend on the specific part you require.

    A number of adapters to attach the HR80 to the radiator valve are available - however most are a simple threaded adapter - the only adapter I can think of that could fail in the way you describe is the Danfoss RA adapter (it's essentially a plastic loop, fastened with a screw - the others are mainly screw-on adapters).

    You could consider this:
    However, personally, I would suggest you contact the UK distributor of the Hometronic system, SensibleHeat, in particular their Scotland and North office -
    I have found them to supportive, helpful and very knowledgeable and able to find parts for the Hometronic system that otherwise don't appear to be available.

    Hope this helps.


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